• Dr. Sie and her office staff are IMPECCABLE!  Is their work great?  YES!!!  Most of all, she is the most fun dentist I have ever been to.  Yes, this Dentist is FUN! FUN! FUN!  On the flip side, she is also very gentle and explains everything before, during and after your visit.  My wife is a scaredy cat, but is able to relax with Dr. Sie.  WOW, my wife relaxed at a dentist?  YES! And it is all because of Dr. Sie’s loving and caring ways.  It shows how much she really cares about her patients.  Yes, I approve of Dr. Sie…and this message!  Holler out to Anne…    


  • I have been a patient of Dr. Sie for years and have had great and compassionate care from her. State of the art facilities, very clean and staff is first class. What is really a bonus is the accommodating hours the office is open and being flexible in changing an appointment as I have very odd and changing hours. The attention to detail I have seen time after time in the cleanliness of the facilities after anyone has touched is outstanding.  I would recommend her not only my friends but my family as well.    


  • Dr. Sie is the best and everyone at her office is so great!! Such a pleasure coming to her. Very honest and knowledgeable.    


  • Dr. Sie is the only dentist that my family trusts.  She is head-and-shoulders above every dentist that we have ever used.  We would keep seeing her, except she doesn’t take our current insurance.  But she’s so good, that when something important comes up, instead of going to our covered dentist, we go to her and pay cash.    


  • My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Sie for over 6 years now.  She has always been honest and true when it’s come to our teeth.  We usually come in for dental cleaning and polish.  Never had a cavity so I make her life easy.  I have recommended her to friends and they also enjoy her service.  She won’t try to tell you that your teeth need removing or that your teeth need something special.  She is honest and be truthful with her.    


  • Best Dentist in town !! Dr. Sie is the only dentist my kids  know,  We have been going to Dr. Sie for about 7 years  and always had the best experience and care.    


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